Archer-Guard Trailer

Archer Guard Towing in Los Angeles, CA

Meridian Rapid Defense Group introduces the Archer-Guard Trailer that is engineered for fast deployment on roadways to keep workers safe at construction sites. The Archer-Guard Trailer is unique to Meridian allowing for one person deployment as the trailer lowers to the ground, enabling the Archer 1200 Barriers to roll off at street level and eliminating the need for forklifts or heavy equipment.

Despite its rugged exterior, the trailer offers a comfortable interior space that can accommodate even large hauls. With its reliable design, the Archer Guard trailer ensures uninterrupted service, even in remote locations. It also offers easy towing and setup, making it perfect for those who need on-the-go hauling services.

In Los Angeles, where safety and mobility are paramount, the Archer Guard trailer is a game-changer. It combines practicality and innovation, providing a reliable, all-in-one solution for your mobile protection needs. Experience peace of mind like never before with the Archer Guard trailer. For more information about our Archer Guard towing products, visit our contact page today.

MERIDIAN provides custom designed and engineered trailers that allows for deployment of 8 Archer Barriers in under ten minutes by one person. The MERIDIAN trailer is also engineered to transport the Archer Beam Gate and additional barriers if required. All equipment carried on the trailer is secured by an e-track system for safe towing.

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Each purchase of an Archer Trailer comes with a fully certified training session upon delivery to ensure safe transportation of equipment. MERIDIAN's Safety Department provides the customer a manual outlining the servicing requirements for safety maintenance.


Details & Specifications

The features of the Drop Deck Trailer are:
  • Ground level loading.
  • Heavy duty diamond steel deck.
  • Rubber suspension.
  • Adjustable safety chains.
  • 7 pin RV style plug.
  • 24 inch side swing tailgate.
  • 10 inch storage compartment.
  • 3 e-track shoring bars.
  • Solar battery charger.
  • Remote control.
  • LED lights.
  • 16 inch F-Rated wheels.
  • Carry capacity 9,900 lbs.
  • Trailer weight empty 3,900 lbs.

Instruction and Resources:

A full training session on how to tow the trailer and move the trailer will be provided on every delivery. The training will go through all the safety steps required to tow a trailer with a full set of Archer 1200 Barriers. The training will also include loading and unloading of barriers as well as securing the barriers for transportation. Hydraulic Systems training will be included, so the raising and lowering of the trailer meets the safety requirements for deployment. MERIDIAN will provide maintenance resources to ensure that the trailers are kept to a roadworthy condition. The Safety Department can be a resource for any additional information that a customer needs. All training will be supported with video so in-field checks can be reviewed at any time on a mobile device.



The MERIDIAN Drop Deck Trailer is a game changer in that we can now deploy with one person, 8 barriers in under 10 minutes, which means that in an emergency people can be protected." Chris, Rose Bowl Operations


Testing and Certifications:

All trailers are fully certified to U.S. DMV standards and come with a one-year warranty on any construction defaults. The trailers have been engineered to ensure that the correct weight and balance for loading barriers meets the MERIDIAN Safety Standards. MERIDIAN has engineered the e-track system to ensure that the barriers, once loaded, remain in place during transportation.

Archer-Guard Trailer for fast deployment for Work Zone Safety

The Archer-Guard is the perfect solution when transporting two sets of Archer-Guards to a site for protecting workers. The trailer is a drop deck trailer which allows the Archer-Guard system to be rolled off the trailer and set in place in under 5 minutes with one person deployment. Speed and safe deployments will promote worker safety with the knowledge that the system will keep errant vehicles at bay.


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