The MERIDIAN Archer-Guard is a crash cushion that is comprised of three Archer 1200 Barriers connected by six four-foot (1.2 meters) arrestor cables. The system is MASH certified and is non-lethal to the driver when engaged at the certified speeds and vehicle weights of MASH standards 40 and 41. The Archer-Guard is engineered to bring the vehicle to a slow controlled stop in the event it passes into a restricted work zone area. The system collects the vehicle and wraps the barriers around the vehicle to stop within a range of 24.7’ (7.5M) to 45.2’ (13.9M). The Archer-Guard uses the kinetic energy of the vehicle and the steel mass of the barrier to dig into the road surface and stop the vehicle while not penetrating the vehicle.

The Archer-Guard can be purchased or rented

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Each purchase or rental comes with product and deployment certifications.

  • 3 Archer 1200 Barriers
  • 3 Wayfinding sign holders
  • 1 Archer Hauler
  • 1 Archer Field Tow Bar
  • 6 Archer Arrestor Cables four feet (1.2M)
  • 3 orange and white hazard signs
  • Deployment guidelines


Details & Specifications

The Archer-Guard system is easily seen in daylight as it comes in vibrant safety orange, safety yellow and lime green. The Archer-Guard system can also be deployed in low light conditions by utilizing high intensity prismatic decals located throughout the barrier to ensure the safety of the workers and drivers on the road. The high intensity prismatic MERIDIAN decals can be seen 1000 feet (305 meters) away in nighttime conditions. Another unique feature that makes the system one of a kind is the ease of installation. The Archer-Guard system requires no electricity, hydraulics, or heavy machinery to move into place. The system can be easily set up by one person and provide needed security to flaggers and workers in a matter of minutes. Removal of the system is just as efficient and will limit the amount of time the user needs to be in front of oncoming traffic. Not only is the system highly time efficient and mobile, but it is also reusable. The Archer-Guard system is engineered to withstand multiple vehicle impacts without the need for any maintenance. The Archer-Guard system provides everything a work site needs to secure the safety of the workers and drivers alike.

Archer-Guard provides a simple drop and stop technology requiring no heavy equipment to deploy
  • Allows for a one-person deployment in under 5 minutes
  • Protects workers in zones where vehicles can potentially do harm to people
  • No assembly required and can be moved using the Archer Hauler for dual gender use
  • No maintenance, electricity, batteries or hydraulics, or a driver to man the equipment
100% reusable after impact with a 25-year warranty

Instructions & Resources

MERIDIAN provides a complete guideline of how to deploy the Archer-Guard by following the MUTCD guidelines for tapers. The Archer-Guard is fully capable of being deployed on concrete roads, bituminous roads, water bound and aggregate roads. The Archer 1800 Barriers can be placed onto earthen roads that are compacted flat. The barrier system is not recommended for unstable surfaces such as loose sand or deep mud as the weight of the barrier will naturally press into the loose sand or mud making their removal difficult. The Archer-Guard system can be deployed on light traffic, medium traffic, and high traffic roads. Roads constructed on hilly regions are also suitable but the distance to the work site needs to be increased according to the slope and speed of traffic



"Game changing safety device for worker zone construction, we no longer have to find a TMA, a driver and truck to meet the safety demands of workers, the Archer-Guard solves our needs." Gerald Thornton Traffic WA

"With the narrow roads and cars passing by close to workers this is the first time we have a product to protect workers in construction zones." Gabriel Adams Transport CA

"The high visibility orange on the barriers and the fact that they are MASH certified and are also used to protect crowds in event spaces it is so good to have this now available for our workers." Howard Jenkins NY Traffic Management

"Mobility and the fast-changing needs of construction workers on roads makes the Archer-Guard a natural choice, no heavy equipment needed to deploy and simple to move from one site to another." Belinda Wise Public Works Texas

"For the first time we have a way to protect the flaggers who are on the front lines. When we are controlling traffic on job sites, they can now have protection and know that safety is important for them as well." Alfred Gomez Utility Contractor Florida

‘We are out on the streets every day working on power lines and using orange cones does nothing to protect us from the overhead work we do. Now we have a certified solution to protect us and the buckets we work from." Alex Wong Parks and Recreation CO


Testing & Certifications

MASH Testing was not the beginning of what we have done at MERIDIAN. We have been on roads for 20 years protecting people, communities and places for events and the Archer-Guard has ASTM, IWA-14, PAS 68 and The SAFETY Act certifications. The MASH testing results are as follows:

MASH Test Test Vehicle Vehicle Weight Impact Speed Stopping Distance
TL 1-40 1100C(Passenger Car) 2,370 lbs.(1,075 kg) 31 mph (50 km/h) 24.7 ft. (7.5 m)
TL 2-40 1100C(Passenger Car) 2,425 lb. (1,100 kg) 43.6 mph (70.2 km/h) 38.2 ft. (11.6 m)
TL 1-41 2270P(Pickup Truck) 4,995 lb. (2,266 kg) 31 mph (50 km/h) Satisfactory
TL 2-41 2270P(Pickup Truck) 4,995 lb. (2,266 kg) 42.6 mph (68.6 km/h) 45.2 ft. (13.9 m)

Archer-Guard - a certified solution for worker zone safety

Mobile, flexible, fast deployment and dependable with a lifetime guarantee. Worker zone safety has never been more important today when vehicles are traveling at high speeds in work zone construction and maintenance projects. When preparing your over safety plan for a site, know that big equipment, and truck drivers are not the only solution-fit for the purpose of head-on defense. The Archer-Guard is what is needed - no longer orange water barriers and concrete barriers for head-on impact but a certified solution ready to go.


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Mass Casualties Averted at America’s Largest New Year’s Event



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