The Archer 1200 steel barrier is a perfect barrier solution for event security due to the modular design. The Archer Beam Gate is the ideal solution for perimeter security checkpoints. The Archer 1000 Barrier System is an anti-vehicle barrier solution for the military. All of MERIDIAN's products can be deployed using our custom engineered trailer which can deploy our barrier solutions in under 10 minutes.

Archer Beam Gate
The Archer Beam Gate is the most flexible gate for use as a checkpoint. It is manual and requires no electricity, no hydraulics, and no service contracts. The Archer Beam Gate has four settings: 20 feet, 18 feet, 16 feet and 14 feet, all in the one system - allowing for adjustments in the field without having to worry about purchasing gates of different sizes. The Archer Beam Gate is modular by design and can be used in conjunction with the Archer 1200 Barriers to extend perimeters for hundreds of feet. Whether you rent or purchase it is the ideal event gate for any environment. The Archer Beam Gate can be transported on the Archer Trailer and can be set up in under fifteen minutes.
Archer-Guard Trailer
The Archer Trailer is engineered to drop to the ground for quick off-loading and for pick up to and from events. The trailer carries either 8 Archer 1200 Barriers and Accessories, or one Archer Beam Gate with two Archer 1200 Bariers. The carrying capacity is over 9,000 lbs. with an overall width of 102", a length of 273" and a height of 50" when loaded with barriers. A one person operation for all deployment solutions.
The Archer 1200 Barrier is the most modular and versatile barrier in the world. Its stopping power is second to none and has the highest rating in the modular mobile category. The barrier is 2 feet wide, 3 feet high and 4 feet long, completely reusable after impact and comes with a lifetime warranty. Setting up a trailer load of 8 barriers for delivery takes less than 10 minutes and the load out is also quick and easy. Permits pedestrian and emergency vehicle access without moving a barrier. Full ballistic protection for any armor piercing 50 caliber rounds.

MERIDIAN Accessories

The Archer Directional Signage is a leader in communicating and providing safety for people and communities. The state of the art Archer 1200 Barrier is complete when the Directional Signage Package is added. One system, one solution, one safety standard allows customers to allocate resources for other activities.