Rapid Gate
Provide point of entrance security with a rapid gate system that installs in minutes

Rapid Gate

Meridian Rapid Defense Group designs and manufactures barrier systems that offer a new direction in hard technology for security and risk management. The Archer Barrier and Entrance Security Systems are used by the U.S. military as well as the energy and hotel industries.

Manufactured in the U.S.A. and built of high strength steel, Meridian's innovative barrier systems may be used as sole solutions or integrated with traditional perimeter security systems.

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Product Features:

Meridian's Archer barriers and entrance security systems offer:

  • Simplicity: No electricity or hydraulics required for operation
  • Speed: Deployable in one hour
  • Mobility: Easily transportable to multiple locations
  • Flexibility: Configure the barriers to meet a facility's unique requirements
  • Low Maintenance: Servicing and maintenance may be performed by one person

Beam Gate in action

The Archer Beam Gate System opens to allow access for
heavy equipment and military vehicles.

Archer Beam Gate

The Archer Beam Gate's high strength, woven webbing is made of 100% polyester interwoven with DuPont Teflon thread and is designed to prevent entrance point breaches by trucks and light vehicles.

Typical application points for the Archer Beam Gate System include:

  • Energy refineries and power plants
  • Chemical manufacturing
  • Public works
  • Convention centers
  • Sports facilities
  • Streets and public spaces
  • Government buildings

Rapid Gate

The Archer Active Gate is best for low traffic entranceways.

Archer Active Gate

The Archer Active Gate System is constructed of high strength steel components and woven webbing made of 100% polyester interwoven with DuPont Teflon thread. The Archer Active Gate is designed to prevent entrance point breaches by trucks and light vehicles.

Made for light traffic entranceways, the Archer Active Gate includes two-point connection interfaces that allow the protective netting to be released from the right or left side, or be removed temporarily to allow multiple vehicle access to a facility.

A Rapid Approach to Facilities Protection

Meridian's Archer Beam Gate, Archer Active Gate and Archer Barriers provide a new option for security and protect an organization's investment in its people, facilities and assets. Contact a sales representative for a consultation on enhancing your facilities security and responsiveness.

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DUNS and Certifications

U.S. CCR Certification (06/19/07)
DUNS: 800201159

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