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Meridian Rapid Defense Group designs, engineers and develops anti-vehicle barrier systems that are easy to install and rapidly deployable for a wide range of military and tactical scenarios...About Meridian

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Protecting Communities from Vehicle Attacks

Nice, France attack

In a January, 2016 article in Safety Outlook, Albert Goldson writes that “…make no mistake that a determined troublemaker, amateur or professional, can cause havoc by bringing into a venue legal and individually harmless items when used in a particular way or combined are de facto weapons.”

The recent use of a truck to attack a crowd in Nice, France on Bastille Day is the type of tragedy that we see too often.

The sad fact is that vehicle attacks can be easily preventable. Meridian’s ‘drop and go’ Archer Barriers could be deployed at key access points and roadways to allow pedestrians to gain access to an area but prevent vehicles from entering.

Our Archer 750 Barriers’ patented design stops cars and trucks by redirecting the force upward and into the vehicle. The Archer 1000 is an anchored barrier system that is fully rated (U.S. DoD K4, Level III) and deployable with a team of two people.

At Meridian, our mission is to make the world a safer place.


Meridian to Focus on Sea Ports

Meridian's active gate deployed at a port

Meridian Rapid Defense Group is poised to assist The Department of Homeland Security’s efforts to strengthen our Nation’s maritime critical infrastructure. The Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA), a department of DHS, has established a Port Security Grant Program (PSGP) that directly supports maritime transportation infrastructure security activities. PSGP is one tool in the comprehensive set of measures authorized by Congress and implemented by FEMA and DHS to strengthen the Nation’s critical infrastructure against risks associated with potential terrorist attacks.

FEMA has already designated select, high-risk ports to receive federal grant money to improve their port security. Ports in California, Louisiana, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Texas and Washington have been deemed high-risk and have budgeted as much as $55 million for infrastructure security.

Meridian’s Archer 1200™ anti-vehicle barriers and Beam Gates have been successfully in use at the Long Beach and San Diego Ports since 2012., The Archer 1200™ is the most popular barrier for perimeter security. With its modular design and easy mobility, the Archer 1200™ enhances a port’s overall security system while maintaining the ability to react to changing needs.



Meridian expands to European market with Dutch security experts

Meridian teams up with COBBS Industries

The GPEC Trade Show in Leipzig, Germany marked the introduction of Meridian Rapid Defense Group to the European market. Meridian joined their newest distributor, COBBS Industries, at GPEC to showcase the manufacturer-leading line of Archer barriers to mainland Europe.

COBBS Industries, a Dutch-based security systems distributor, have much success with providing tactical equipment and innovative security solutions in most European and NATO countries. Serving in Dutch Special Forces together, CEO Bram Oostvogel and his sales staff have used their unique capabilities and connections with government officials to bring attention to the solutions they have to offer.

In light of NATO’s recent call to increase defense spending in the EU, The Meridian-COBBS partnership is poised to fill gaps in key security areas.

“As we expand our business in Europe, we are pleased to align ourselves with COBBS. Their infield experience and expertise are key in relating the Meridian product advantages to European buyers,” said Peter Whitford, CEO of Meridian.

Added COBBS Account Manager Bas Swaab, “We are very pleased with the initial response by the European markets. Foreign and Interior Ministries and airport officials have already shown serious interest in all the unique possibilities that Meridian and COBBS Industries have to offer.”

“High profile international events will see a lot of Archer barriers put to use in order to control traffic flow”, added Swaab.

With more than 500 exhibitors from 28 different countries in attendance, GPEC (General Police Equipment Exhibition & Conference) is Europe’s leading closed specialized trade fair. Meridian showcased a range of security solutions including the Archer 1200 anti-vehicle barrier, which also attracted the attention of representatives from various Middle Eastern regions.



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