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Archer barriers selected as winners at security award

GSN 2014 Security Award Winner
Serving Kandahar to the GRAMMY’s, Meridian Rapid Defense Group Named “Best Crash Barrier” in 2014 GSN Security Awards

Government Security Newswire (GSN) Magazine recently announced that Meridian Rapid Defense Group was among the winners for the 2014 Airport/Seaport/Border Security Awards. Nominated in the category of “Best Crash Barriers, Bollards, Gates and Guard Booths,” this win is the latest affirmation of Meridian’s success in security engineering.

Relatively new to the industry, Meridian has gained early success in the market with a unique, flexible design. Recent projects range from installations at NATO controlled Kandahar Airfield in Afghanistan to deployment at the 55th GRAMMY’s Awards.

Chairman/COO of GSN Magazine Adrian Courtney remarked, “[GSN] are glad to have discovered Meridian and are intrigued by their unique security systems.”

The Archer Barrier Systems delivers protection and mobility and has won contracts specifically because it does not require heavy machinery to install or relocate. Successful deployments in Kandahar as well as the Port of Long Beach with their line of non-electric, non-hydraulic barriers schematic helped in the judges’ decision.

GSN judges included the founder of Secure Identity and Biometrics Association, Janice Kephart; cyber security expert and Xerox VP in charge of Homeland Security, Chuck Brooks; and CEO of MacDonnell Group Consulting and port security expert, Ralston MacDonell.

“We are thrilled that our systems are being recognized,” said Meridian CEO Peter Whitford. “A great deal of design work has gone into creating a truly unique solution for rapidly expanding security need.”



Meridian Nominated for ‘Best Airport/Seaport Fencing, Barriers, Guard Services and Perimeter Protection’

Meridian's Archer Barriers crash test

Meridian Rapid Defense Group has recently been nominated for the 2014 GSN Airport/Seaport/Border Security Awards. The nomination will be for “Best Crash Barriers, Bollards, Gates, Guard Booths” under the Best Airport/Seaport Fencing, Barriers, Guard Services and Perimeter Protection category.

MRDG is excited and honored to hear such news about the nomination and confident that the outcome will be one of positivity. They are the only company with barriers that are totally portable, making the nomination that much more unique.

MRDG found out about the nomination on May 13th, just seven days shy of the cutoff. The awards dinner for Government Security News will occur on the evening of June 9th on the luxury motor yacht, the Mariner III, in the beautiful New York Harbor.



Meridian Rapid Defense Group’s Archer 1200 Barrier Reinforces Water Treatment Plant Operated by the Metropolitan Water District

Meridian Rapid Defense Group deploys the Archer 1200 portable vehicle barrier system at a Metropolitan Water District (MWD) facility in Southern California.

Meridian Rapid Defense Group’s patented Archer 1200 barrier has been chosen by the Metropolitan Water District to reinforce an existing facility gate. The vehicle barrier purchase provides the water treatment facility with an expanded capability to counter theft and ram attacks.

The Archer 1200 model is designed for rapid deployment, enabling the security team to redeploy the barrier to another location at a moment’s notice. The barrier is unanchored and does not require electricity or hydraulics to operate.

The Archer 1200 barrier has proven to be the preferred entry control solution for the water sector as many facilities are remote and access to electricity is scarce. The Archer 1200 is the only true “drop-and-stop” vehicle barrier on the market. The unique vehicle barrier requires no set-up and is reusable after impact.

Meridian’s portable vehicle barriers are modular and are adjusted to the varying needs of the military, government, ports, dams, water treatment facilities, oil & gas facilities, universities and the police. All Archer vehicle barriers made of ballistic rated steel and are an excellent deterrent against Vehicle Born Improvised Explosive Devices (VBIED). Meridian’s portable vehicle barriers can be deployed by one person without the use of heavy lifting equipment. Meridian offers a vehicle barrier rental program for special events. All of Meridian’s products are made in the USA and are distributed world-wide.


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