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Planning for event safety is essential. Knowing what to use and how to deploy the correct equipment can be daunting. MERIDIAN's Safety department is here to help and support your needs for all your events.

Here’s How We Help

MERIDIAN, through their Safety Department, provides a subscription based program to fit your needs; whether it is one event or multiple events we can provide the following:
Vehicle Safety Mitigation Plans (VSMP) for each of your events.

We work together to identify the perimeter and the vulnerable risk points where people and vehicles interact. Whether it is a road closure or a series of road closures we put together a plan that shows how a certified solution works, making sure people, communities, and places remain safe.

MERIDIAN also provides a full turnkey solution for storing, deploying and servicing events. These services are provided customer by customer and also include fully trained and certified specialists to work on all events.

After every event MERIDIAN provides an After Action Report (AAR) capturing any adjustment that might need to be addressed for future events. These reports take into account traffic flow, pedestrian flow and emergency vehicle access points. What's included with your purchase: - Your Barriers, Barrier Customization, Training & Certification, Lifetime Warranty. For more information regarding a subscription for VSMP and AAR, please go to Request More Info

Whats included with your purchase:

  • Your Barriers
  • Barrier Customization
  • Training & Certification
  • Lifetime Warranty

Archer Barriers are a versatile solution for your event needs.

When you purchase the Archer Barriers you also receive:

Certified deployment configurations and training

Safety Training on how to use the equipment

Lifetime warranty

You are able to choose your colors and logos for customizing your equipment.

You can also at time of purchase participate in the annual Community Safety Program ensuring that your equipment is always certified to perform at the highest standards.

With the acquisition of the Archer 1200 Barriers, our ability to reduce risk due to accidental or intentional vehicle intrusion is greatly enhanced

Marc Vincent, Emergency Preparedness Manager, Georgia World Congress Center


Barrier Mobility

The Archer 1200 Barrier is 700 lbs of American Steel and is moved using the Archer Hauler which allows for the fastest deployment of mobile vehicle barriers in the world. So easily deployable, anyone can move the vehicle barriers using the Archer Hauler. The drop and stop barriers are perfect for any event security.

Versatile Custom Solutions

All MERIDIAN products can be customized with a client's color preference and logos, so that when they are deployed they meet the visual requirements of a community. The custom colors also come in a range of safety colors, ensuring that high visibility is always at the forefront. The safety colors meet all the requirements for cities, law enforcement, public works and traffic engineering.

Crash Test Certifications

The Archer 1200 Barrier is certified as the strongest mobile vehicle barrier in the world. The certifications meet all of the necessary requirements for vehicle-ramming attacks. MERIDIAN holds certifications with the Department of Homeland Security "SAFETY Act", ASTM, IWA-14, PAS 68, and DOD. The Archer Beam Gate carries a number of engineered rated certifications for multiple deployment options.

Multiple Deployment Options

The MERIDIAN products are modular by design and are deployed under the certified crash test certifications. There are also a wide variety of options from walls of steel barriers bolted together, to serpentine or chicane options. The Archer Safety Barriers are used to ensure that perimeters are controlled to lower speeds, ensuring event security is at the highest level. Vehicle Safety Mitigation Plans (VSMP) are used to make sure deployment options meet the various certifications. These plans are prepared by the company's fully certified and trained safety specialists.

Made in America

All MERIDIAN products are 100% made in the U.S.A., using all American parts and components. The Archer Barriers, Beam Gate and Trailers are made from 100% U.S. steel. MERIDIAN's factories are 100% American owned and meet all of the ISO standards that reflect the certifications from the Department of Homeland Security's SAFETY Act.


We service many customers, all with varying needs and requirements. Our media coverage gives you insight into what we do, where we deploy and what our customers say about us. Check out our media information page and become one of our valued customers, so we can help others make people, communities, and places safer.


Mass Casualties Averted at America’s Largest New Year’s Event







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Understanding what your needs are is a collaborative experience. We have fully trained and certified field specialists who can prepare Vehicle Safety Mitigation Plans to make an assessment for what the requirements are. We will work with you to meet your budget needs as well as anything that you need support in, whether it is to apply for a grant or preparing information for a contract. We are here to support you.

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