MERIDIAN Barrier Support

Our team of specialists are here to help with your safety needs. From our Safety Department we can prepare Vehicle Safety Mitigation Plans (VSMP) for any and all events, and After Action Reports (AAR) to ensure that deployments are certified to the standards of our accreditations.

We can provide a turnkey solution for deploying MERIDIAN's equipment at all events no matter where in the United States. Our turnkey program provides fully trained and certified specialists to plan, deliver, stage, deploy and collect equipment so you can manage your events knowing that the highest safety standards are being looked after.

Our Logistics and In-Field training specialists provide all the safety support you need in how to use MERIDIAN's equipment and make sure that any deployment is done with fully certified people.

Our website provides all the training support on videos so if there are any in-field requirements that need support you have 24 hour access and support available at all times.

Our Regional Specialists are available to conduct demos on all MERIDIAN equipment. To request a demo just submit your information and we will set up a time and place that is convenient to you and your team.

Let Us Create a System That's Perfect For You

Understanding what your needs are is a collaborative experience. We have fully trained and certified field specialists who can prepare Vehicle Safety Mitigation Plans to make an assessment for what the requirements are. We will work with you to meet your budget needs as well as anything that you need support in, whether it is to apply for a grant or preparing information for a contract. We are here to support you.

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    Request a Demo
    We will show you exactly how our barriers work and get to know your needs so that we can curate a perfect solution.
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    Send Us Your Questions
    Need more information? Send us an email with any questions you may have and our staff will get back to you with answers.
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    Request a Quote
    Answer a few questions about how MERIDIAN can assist you with your needs and we will provide you with our suggestions along with a quote.
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    Give Us a Call
    Our excellent customer support team is standing by to answer any additional questions that you may have. (434) 529-6903

MERIDIAN Provides 360 degrees support from training, to event planning, to storage and their customer service model for Safety is second to none

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Let Us Create a Custom Solution That Fits Your Needs

  • Request a Live Demo
    Request a live demo or watch a video online to see how the Archer 1200 Barriers, Archer Beam Gate and Archer Trailer work. The in-field demos are the best way to test the product and see the mobility and ease of use. All demos are free and can be booked by requesting them online through the website.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Know How Many Barriers I Need?

Speak with our Regional Specialists who can provide a Vehicle Safety Mitigation Plan to ensure we have the correct coverage of either Archer Barriers or Archer Beam Gates.

What Does The Warranty Include?

All of MERIDIAN's barriers have a lifetime warranty even after impact. All other equipment is warrantied for one year for manufacturing defaults. MERIDIAN also provides an annual Community Safety Compliance program which keeps the equipment looking new year after year. To request info on this send us an e-mail and we will explain the benefits and how it works.

What Is The Safety Department's Role?

The Safety Department is here to support you with all of your safety needs and can provide subscriptions for annual Vehicle Safety Mitigation Plans and After Action Reports for all of your events. In addition to this, you can request safety training at any time and a Regional Field Specialist can be booked to train and certify customers after purchase.

Do I need training to use MERIDIAN Barrier systems?

Yes. All of MERIDIAN's products require training which is conducted at the time of delivery. Our customers receive a certified training certificate at completion.

Should I Rent or Buy?

You can do both. Our customers find that the rental is a good way to start and even after purchase supplementing with rental equipment allows you to customize your ever-changing events. It is a relief knowing that all of your events are covered by the Designation and Certification from the United States Department of Homeland Security under The SAFETY Act.

What Do I Do If There Is An Issue With One Of My Barriers?

Call our customer service line, e-mail us or reach out to your local Regional Field Specialist for immediate action.

What security need are you trying to solve?
What have you done in the past to address this need?
How many times a month/year does the need occur?
Is rental something you would be interested in until you purchase
Is there a budget established and what is the deadline?
Are you writing a grant for the funds?
What other products are you considering?