Archer 1200 Barriers in Denver, CO

The Archer 1200 Barrier, the most powerful mobile steel barrier in the world, is now available from Meridian Rapid Defense Group. 100% made of American steel, these barriers are unanchored and "Drop & Stop" designed for rapid deployment. Deployment options provide pedestrian access and emergency vehicle access while offering superior Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) capabilities—all this within 10 minutes or less!

With Archer 1200 barriers, you can rest assured knowing they have enhanced security with maximum flexibility when it comes to protecting their entry points, roadways, and perimeters. Get yours in Denver, CO, by contacting us today for more information!

Secure Your Property with the Archer 1200 Barrier

Archer 1200 barriers are unanchored and are the toughest mobile steel barriers on the planet. They are modular, requiring no electricity or hydraulics, which makes them easy to deploy quickly and efficiently. The barriers can withstand high-speed vehicle impacts, preventing unauthorized access and mitigating the risk of vehicular attacks. They have been tested and certified by both the U.S. and European Departments of Defense, ensuring their strength and durability.

You can easily move and reposition these barriers to allow emergency vehicle access or to react to developing needs. The barriers are also non-lethal and completely reusable, making them an environmentally friendly option for long-term security solutions. With the Archer 1200 Mobile Barrier, you can rest assured that your facility or event receives protection from the most advanced HVM technology available on the market. Contact us to request more information.