Barrier Rental Program

Sometimes, purchasing barriers may not be an option. There may only be a short-term need, it may be simpler to rent versus taking on a capital expense, or it may be easier to budget for a smaller, recurring cost. We are committed to ensuring that budget does not get in the way of safety.

Barrier rentals are ideal for:

  • Sporting events, performances, rallies and other special events.
  • Extension of the protection offered by fixed-in-place barriers.
  • Augmenting of purchased Archer 1000 or 1200 barriers.

Meridian’s site security experts are happy to offer free consultations for your unique needs or requirements.

Contact us today and we’ll respond with 24 business hours.

Western U.S. Rentals

eps America
eps America
(202) 506-6036


Other U.S. and Global Rental Inquiries

Eric Alms
Meridian Rapid Defense Group
PO Box 60100
Pasadena, CA 91116
(323) 282-7836

Contact us for a custom assessment of your needs.

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  • A link to a map or photo of the area to be secured.
  • Project timing.
  • Trailers and/or barrier transportation products needed.
Better Barriers

Better Barriers