Archer™ Barrier Trailers

Meridian provides custom-designed trailers that carry everything needed for 4, 6 and 8-barrier deployment. Trailers are equipped with moveable ramps and winchs to assist in load and unload and will carry all necessary equipment including Hauler, Tow Bar and Arrestor Cables™.

Meridian Trailer

Meridian Archer Hauler

Archer™ Hauler

The Archer Hauler jack is a rugged, barrier dolly that can traverse a variety of surfaces, from asphalt to gravel or unimproved dirt roads. The Hauler features 2 pneumatic and 2 swivel tires, a 3,000 lb. rated jack and high strength steel tube construction. This jack allows free movement of the Archer Barriers by a single person of any age and gender.

Archer™ Tow Bar

The Archer Tow Bar is an adjustable, levering attachment with dual-grip handles that allow one or two person movement of a barrier. An easy, two point connection interface provides almost instant tow bar hook up or removal.

Each tow bar comes equipped with a heavy duty stay pin.

Customized Trailers and Haulers

Need a transportation system that is customizable to your application? Meridian offers a wide range of custom solutions. Contact a sales and support representative for more information.

Contact us for a custom assessment of your needs.

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