Meridian Rapid Defense Group designs and manufactures a wide range of rapid anti-vehicle barriers. From the Archer 1200 "drop-and-go" barrier to the U.S. Dept. of State K4 rated Archer 1000 Barrier System, it is now possible for public venues, facilities and military units to secure perimeters and manage risk in minutes, rather than days.

All Meridian products can be customized for unique solutions based on their modular systems.

Meridian’s Archer 1000 anti-vehicle barrier system passes the U.S. Dept. of State K4 Level III anti-ram test.

Archer 1200 Barrier

Meridian’s ultimate rapidly deployable barrier, the Archer 1200™ is an unanchored, "drop-and-stop" barrier for deployment on roadways and hard surfaces…
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Archer 1000 Barrier System

Full U.S. Department of State K4 Certification in a rapidly deployable, anti-vehicle barrier that is two-person installable without the need for heavy equipment…
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Archer Beam Gate

Rapid, high strength, light weight mesh gate systems that are easy to install and use with any of Meridian’s anti-vehicle barriers…
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Other Products


View a catalog of Archer Barrier parts, components and installation accessories…
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Discover the range of options available for moving barriers rapidly into place and responding to changing threat levels…
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Meridian’s products do not require hydraulics or electricity to operate and are easily placed with one or two people without heavy equipment…
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