Portable Vehicle Barriers: Port of Long Beach Bolsters Perimeter Security Measures

The Port of Long Beach has embarked on a multi-year physical security enhancement project in order to improve the Port’s physical security infrastructure, traffic control capabilities and protection of critical areas. During the study phase of the project, different types of physical barriers were evaluated for their functionality, operation and performance criteria.

Meridian Rapid Defense Group’s Archer 1200 vehicle barriers were selected by the Port of Long Beach to fulfill the Port’s need for enhanced physical security. The Archer 1200 barriers are configured for expedited deployment and, as needed, retrieval and relocation. The Archer barriers are modular and can be deployed in a straight line, in rows, in serpentine configuration as a main perimeter security system or in support of an area that requires maintenance.

Meridian supplied modified trailers to transport the Archer 1200 vehicle barriers purchased by the Port. Nine Archer 1200 barriers are able to be deployed from a trailer within 10 minutes to secure up to 58 feet of perimeter.

Procurement of Meridian’s portable vehicle barriers is fully funded by a FY 2008 California Port and Maritime Security Grant Program and a U.S. Department of Homeland Security FY 2009 Homeland Security Grant Program Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI). HCI Systems, Inc. was awarded the contract by the Port of Long Beach to supply Meridian’s Archer anti-vehicle barriers.

"Meridian caters to a niche market within the physical security sector, focusing on Emergency Response Kits (ERK’s) and temporary physical security requirements. In today’s world of rapidly changing security threats, the company has seen an increase in business due to our products speed of deployment and lack of reliance on electricity or hydraulics to protect buildings and human life" says Peter D. Whitford, CEO of Meridian Rapid Defense Group.

Meridian’s portable vehicle barriers are modular and are adjusted to the varying needs of the military, government, ports, dams, water treatment facilities, oil & gas facilities, universities and the police.All Archer vehicle barriers made of ballistic rated steel and are an excellent deterrent against Vehicle Born Improvised Explosive Devices (VBIED). Meridian’s portable vehicle barriers can be deployed by one person without the use of heavy lifting equipment. Meridian offers a vehicle barrier rental program for special events. All of Meridian’s products are made in the USA and are distributed world-wide.

Better Barriers

Better Barriers