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Protecting Communities from Vehicle Attacks

Nice, France attack

In a January, 2016 article in Safety Outlook, Albert Goldson writes that “…make no mistake that a determined troublemaker, amateur or professional, can cause havoc by bringing into a venue legal and individually harmless items when used in a particular way or combined are de facto weapons.”

The recent use of a truck to attack a crowd in Nice, France on Bastille Day is the type of tragedy that we see too often.

The sad fact is that vehicle attacks can be easily preventable. Meridian’s ‘drop and go’ Archer Barriers could be deployed at key access points and roadways to allow pedestrians to gain access to an area but prevent vehicles from entering.

Our Archer 750 Barriers’ patented design stops cars and trucks by redirecting the force upward and into the vehicle. The Archer 1000 is an anchored barrier system that is fully rated (U.S. DoD K4, Level III) and deployable with a team of two people.

At Meridian, our mission is to make the world a safer place.


Video Clips

U.S. Dept. of State (DOS) K4 Crash Test
(Running time: 3:24)

Archer 1200 crash test with a 3,500 lb. car at 30 mph
(Running time: 1:19)

Video showing rapid deployment of
an Archer 750 barrier.

Video of an SUV trying to push
an Archer 750 barrier.

Downloadable media clips:

K4 Crash Test

Rapid Deployment

SUV Pushing Barrier

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