Archer Barrier Installation


Meridian's Archer 500, 750 and 1200 Barriers are rapidly deployable in minutes with a team of two, without the need of heavy equipment. Meridian's products do not require hydraulics or electricity to operate, maintenance costs are minimal and all of our products have ballistic capabilities.

Archer Barriers Install in Minutes

How rapid is rapid? Rather than talk about how fast our Archer barriers are to install, we made a video that shows a team of two installing a set of Archer 1200 Barriers—without heavy equipment, hydraulics or electricity.

CFATS Compliance Made Easy

Fixed in place systems are expensive and time consuming to install. Meridian barriers can help facilities comply with CFATS requirements, making Meridian's products increasingly important tools for protecting and maintaining perimeter security and mitigating the risk of non-compliance fines and lawsuits.

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From national security to facilities protection, Meridian is ready to provide quotes for our line of advanced, rapid anti-vehicle barriers and defense products. Find out how Meridian can increase your readiness...Contact Us

The Meridian Advantage

Meridian's Archer 500, 750 and 1200 Barriers are perfect solutions for:

  • Event security
  • Site construction
  • CFATS compliance
  • Maintenance support for fixed systems
  • Highway and facility construction
  • Building and facility protection
  • Perimeters and entry ways that change on a regular basis
  • Locations without electric service
  • Extreme temperature and weather conditions
  • Locations without heavy equipment to install heavy or cumbersome temporary systems

Meridian Locations

Contact a Meridian sales or support representative at (323) 282-7836.

Western United States

1330 Factory Place #202
Los Angeles CA 90013
(323) 282-7836

DUNS and Certifications

U.S. CCR Certification (06/19/07)
DUNS: 800201159

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