Archer 1000 Anti-Vehicle Barrier System

Archer 1000™ Anti-Vehicle Barrier System

Full U.S. Department of State K4 Level III anti-ram certification in a rapidly deployable anti-vehicle barrier system that is two-person installable without heavy equipment.

When enhanced security and rapid deployment is essential, the Archer 1000™ anti-vehicle barrier system offers a top-of-the-line defense against penetration of entry points, roadways and perimeters by trucks and civilian vehicles. Manufactured of high strength, ballistic rated steel, the Archer 1000 anti-vehicle barrier system has earned full U.S. Department of Defense K4 Level III anti-ram certification.

Best of all, the Archer 1000™ anti-vehicle barrier system can be easily installed by two people without the use of cranes and heavy equipment. Unlike bollards, electronic systems and earth or water barriers, the Archer 1000 anti-vehicle barrier system can respond to a threat or harden a perimeter within an hour.

Archer 1000 Product Sheet U.S. Dept. of State K4 Certification

Product Features:

The Archer 1000™ and Meridian's entire line of anti-vehicle barriers include the following features:

  • Rapidly deployable
  • High strength, ballistic rated steel
  • Two person portable
  • Non-electronic, non-hydraulic design
  • reduces training and maintenance costs
  • Modular design enables flexible configuration

Meridian's Archer anti-vehicle barriers provide a new option for security and protect an organization's investment in its people, facilities and assets.

Archer 1000 K4 Vehicle Crash Test

A still image from the DOS K4
anti-ram test showing negative
penetration of a 15,000 lb. truck.

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DUNS and Certifications

U.S. CCR Certification (06/19/07)
DUNS: 800201159

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